Student Support Services

Manistee Area Public Schools offers the following programs to support children for academic success:
  • Literacy Groups are instructed by a trained para-professional for letter and sound recognition, phonemic awareness, blending, segmenting, etc. The para-professional works with 3 students for 30 minutes each day. (Title I)
  • Title I Aide Assistance is available for Kindergarten. Para-Professionals work with students on specific skills identified by the classroom teacher and assessment data. Daily assistance is provided.
  • Parent Volunteers are utilized in several classrooms. Teachers have trained volunteers on reading strategies and have weekly schedules for parents to assist in the classroom.
  • Read Naturally is a computered based Reading Program used to increase student reading skills (predicting, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary).
  • Safenet is available part time in each of the elementary schools. The Safenet worker is instrumental in helping our students to deal with external issues (bullying, divorce, death, emotions, etc. They work with them on a weekly basis or in crisis situations. An important component of this program is the family involvement.